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Technical Training & Development

GPARMC is continually offering support in education to the gas-processing industry to encourage networking and growth. The GPARMC training committee is focused on strategic partnerships with established training companies and oil & gas professionals that are considered experts in their field. Those partnerships allow the committee to provide development opportunities, both in-person and virtual, to improve performance at all levels of the oil & gas value chain.

Each training session focuses on unique topics that will enable members to develop or expand on skills that: improve job performance and/or operations, enhance effectiveness, achieve compliance goals, mitigate risk, or overcome new or existing midstream challenges.

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Career Opportunities

GPARMC is committed not only to supporting a member's technical development but also their professional development.  There are numerous career opportunities in the Midstream Industry all throughout the Rocky Mountain Area. Relationships developed through GPARMC Midstream events, the Regional Conference, Technical Training, and Scholarship activities/fundraisers will enhance the possibility of employment in the midstream industry. Additionally, those already working in this industry can use the association to further their careers.

The GPARMC Midstream website does not currently post open positions for our members, however, you are welcome to visit the public GPARMC Linkedin Page and view/post jobs that are industry appropriate.

Professional Development

Although professional networking opportunities are one of the core benefits of membership, we realize especially in challenging times such as these, networking alone is not always enough. To address that reality, GPARMC has partnered with numerous training consultants, including career consulting experts Iridium Recruiting. Iridium believes "Career paths often have twists, turns, and speed bumps that can be difficult to navigate in your search for a new job. Experience is only as valuable as your ability to explain it, networking is only useful if you know how best to do it, interviewing is really about having meaningful conversations. At the end of the day, everything in hiring and job hunting comes down to one thing, communication", and GPARMC agrees. Our focus on career and resume development through partnerships with experts like Iridium are driven by a single goal: "Help our members put their best foot forward". 

So whether your goal is starting, advancing, or transitioning your midstream career, GPARMC is here to help! Want to learn more? Check out the descriptions & resources from the very successful Three-Session Virtual Workshop, which included: Rare Approaches to Effective Resumes, Rare Approaches to Personal Branding, and Positively Reframing Your Approach.

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Papers & Presentations

Download and access past presentations from seminars. These support materials are made available to our guests and members. 

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