GPARMC Midstream Grants $20,000-$30,000 in Scholarships Annually

The GPA Midstream Rocky Mountain Chapter provides Scholarships each year to help support students of local universities that are sincerely interested in the midstream industry. These scholarships are granted to further potential and possibility for the future of gas processing. Funding each scholarship is made possible by Chapter Sponsorships, Donations and Fundraisers such as it's annual Golf Tournament, Sporting Clays Event and annual Ski Trip. The Scholarship program is aimed at juniors and seniors within the engineering departments at our regional universities. These Universities include: ​

Currently, Gas Processors Suppliers Association matches up to $5,000 of the GPARMC Midstream’s contribution which allows us to give out between $20,000 and $30,000 to future gas processing professionals each year. Our goal is to continue to give more. To accomplish that goal we need your help. Every event that we hold will be aimed at bringing in money to give back to our scholarship fund, so your participation in the local GPARMC Events and/or Sponsorships/Donations are essential to our success! 

You can support our efforts by registering for an upcoming event and/or becoming a Sponsor or Co-Sponsor TODAY! Co-Sponsorship is $1,500 and allows your company to split the funding with the GPARMC Midstream Board for one future professional’s $3,000 scholarship.