The Program in Action



The GPARMC is committed to supporting and encouraging students to follow an engineering degree program and enter the oil and gas processing industry. We currently support eight local universities with annual scholarships awarded each November. Over the course of the 19 years that GPARMC has been providing those scholarships they have granted more than $400,000 in scholarships and assisted over 200 students in their academic efforts. 

Scholarship awards are given to those recipients who demonstrate a strong interest in the industry. To support this effort GPARMC has created a dedicated Scholarship Committee whose primary purpose is to:

• Raise student awareness of GPARMC Scholarship Program on campuses through-out the Rocky Mountain region

• Solicit student applications for scholarship award consideration

• Review applications and essays and provide candidate recommendation list to the Board

• Board will award scholarships to candidates based on recommendation of committee and scoring criteria

• Successful candidates will be informed of award and will be invited to the GPARMC Regional Conference for recognition

• Scholarship checks will be sent to the students registered University before the following semester


Objectives for the Scholarship Committee are to:

• Raise awareness of Scholarship Program at the following four year campuses:
• University of Wyoming
• University of Utah
• Colorado State University
• University of Colorado (Boulder and Denver Campuses)
• Colorado School of Mines 

• Metro State University of Denver
• Brigham Young University
• Raise gas processing industry awareness in the engineering faculty and student populations
• Provide secondary benefit, such as networking between GPA members, etc.

Committee Composition:

Committee membership will include the following – all of which hold current positions as Director of the GPARMC:

1. A Chairperson
2. An Alternate Chairperson

The remainder of the committee is made up of other GPARMC Members.

Committee Schedule:

The Scholarship Committee meets as necessary, and may arrange their meetings in concert with the regularly schedule Director’s meetings. The general schedule for affecting the purpose of Scholarship Committee is as follows:
Send letters to 4 year college department heads requesting candidates to apply
Review applications, committee submits recommendation to Board, Board approves recipients, recipients informed
Scholarship recipients invited to the GPARMC Regional Conference for recognition of scholarships
Send scholarship checks