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Become a member of GPA Midstream Rocky Mountain Chapter (GPARMC)
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Participation in the GPARMC Scholarship Program contributes directly to the growth of the Midstream Industry.
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GPA Midstream Rocky Mountain has numerous Networking, Training & Fundraising Events that support the Midstream Industry


GPA Midstream Rocky Mountain Chapter (GPARMC) members are operating and producing companies, engineering companies and suppliers engaged in the processing of natural gas into merchantable pipeline gas, volume movement, or further processing of liquid products from natural gas – commonly referred to as the midstream sector of the energy industry.

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GPARMC is a Non-Profit Organization committed to serve as a forum for exchanging ideas and information regarding the Midstream Industry and provide opportunities for social interaction with others involved in the industry in the local Rocky Mountain area.

GPA Midstream Rocky Mountain represents 70+ corporate members of all sizes and more than 1000 industry professionals employed by 225+ companies. Our individual and corporate members are engaged in the gathering and processing of natural gas into saleable pipeline gas; We are the primary advocates for a sustainable Midstream Industry focused on enhancing the viability of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil in the local Rocky Mountain and surrounding regions.

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2022 Top Contributing Member Companies